Fashion trend autumn 2022 – leather at its best

Autumn is packed with lots of fascinating fashion trends. Here we present another significant trend – leather with all its possibilities. The combination variants are as imaginative as they are extraordinary and show themselves in all their diversity in this season’s trendy style mix. Countless combination possibilities and a variety of fashionable and stylish looks await us. Statement pieces made of leather are a must this year and complement every outfit to perfection.

Leather jackets – simply stylish

Jackets made of leather are one of the essentials every season because the material wears comfortably and works in its entire range. Leather jackets are the perfect transitional jacket for autumn. They can be thrown over quickly when it gets a bit cooler. They can also be used to enhance the respective outfit wonderfully and complete it in an awe-inspiring way. You can be sure that the big fashion houses have again come up with spectacular leather collections for this season, reviving the tried and tested or adding new ideas.

This year’s fashion trend for autumn 2022 is no exception: the XXL style can also be found in leather jackets. The statement pieces made of leather are wide and infinitely casual this autumn season. Breaking styles is the order of the day, and a leather jacket can be combined in an impressive way. Loose leather jackets are on the rise with ultra-wide shoulders and voluminous designs. You can find them in black or brown tones with many beautiful details like small pockets or zips.

Whether it is your own women’s leather jacket or the one of your male partner is, of course, irrelevant. Whatever you like is allowed, and the style break is on.

The trendy street style is absolutely perfect in combination with a leather jacket. It is worn with an elegant business outfit, high heels, or thick boots. You can also find leather jackets in a casual western look in beautiful shades of brown, long fringes, and western boots and a cowboy hat. So cool!

This year’s fashion trend in leather jackets also presents itself as a blouson in a motorbike-style or as a leather bomber jacket. These styles are often worn with destroyed jeans and rugged boots.

This season, the blazer is also playing a leading role again. These are, of course, also available as leather blazers, and they look simply divine. Belted blazers, worn with a narrow belt around the waist, are especially popular.

Leather coats galore

Coats are an absolute must-have for the cooler months and are cozy and wonderful to wear. They also look classy and timeless. When it comes to leather coats, the trend shows up in oversized style, wide cuts, and ultra-wide shoulders. They come as real classics in black, beautiful brown tones, and cognac colours. A narrow belt around the waist is also a must – it flatters the figure enormously. Leather coats can be combined with casual streetwear in a sporty outfit or as a style mix with an elegant wardrobe.

The autumn trend for 2022 also sets new directions for fans of the grunge look. Leather coats in black are an absolute winner this season, as they almost perfectly highlight this style. Whether the mega-wide leather coats are worn loose and casual or fitted is up to you at this point.

The 2022 fashion trend – this season’s leather trousers

Leather trousers are very much in fashion this autumn 2022 and are, therefore, a real competitor to the popular jeans made of denim fabric. The effect of black leather trousers is eye-catching and highlights the feminine curves. For example, in this year’s autumn fashion, you will find leather trousers in the trendy low-rise style sitting just on the hips. Leggings in black leather are also an actual add-on for both the street look and elegant style. Whether you prefer genuine or imitation leather when choosing your leather trousers is, of course, a matter of taste.

Leather fashion trend – also an absolute stunner as a leather dress

This season, a mix of styles is in high demand. A leather dress made of smooth black leather works perfectly. Perfectly combined with thick boots, an elegant blazer, or an oversized jumper, they always come across in a completely different way and unusually present themselves, yet are incredibly adaptable. You get the feeling of being transported back in time because leather and destroyed denim in combination are not something you’ve seen before. And yet they are always beautiful and staged in a new way. A way of style that is worth a look.

Leather dresses are just the thing for followers of the grunge look and offer plenty of room for possible combinations. This year’s bright colours are also reflected in this trend in the form of elegant leather dresses in garish colours. A real eye-catcher in pink & Co.

Leather skirts – the 2022 autumn trend at its best

Street style without a leather skirt? No way! Short leather skirts combined with this year’s oversized look? An absolute essential! A leather skirt is perfect in combination with a white top (also a fundamental trend piece this autumn!) or for cooler days with a skin-tight turtleneck jumper. Maybe an extra-wide waistcoat or an extra-long jacket to go with it? Leather skirts can also be found in long styles this autumn, so there’s an endless possibility of combinations.

THE absolute must-have this season

Ta-da! While we’re on the subject of leather, this autumn’s trendy outfit MUST include THE absolute must-have – The XXL leather clutch. This is maximalism in perfection. With this accessory, you can be sure that you are absolutely on trend and show it all along the line. They come in almost every colour, with big buckles and other refinements such as fringes and other accessories. The big labels of this world have gone into overdrive to create the perfect clutch in XXL format. The result is indeed sensational. We love it!