We already shared everything about between-seasons jackets as one of the autumn trends of 2022 last week, and today we will continue with another exciting fashion trend of the upcoming season.

XXL fashion is back in style and it’s what you will see everywhere this autumn. Wonderfully wide and infinitely comfortable – you’re way ahead of the game when wearing XXL fashion. And what’s the best thing about extra-wide fashion pieces? While it flatters slender curves and highlights them skillfully, it also conceals any unflattering body parts. You can only feel great in the XXL-look garments. Wide-leg pants are one of the XXL fashion trends, and they come in various styles, cuts, and fabrics, with sophisticated and unexpected details. There are endless ways to combine them, and they will enhance every outfit. This autumn, the motto is XXL pants – the wider, the better! The best thing is to dive deep into this trend, enjoy it without restraint and combine it to your heart’s content.

Wide-leg pants – simply gorgeous

This autumn you’ll find wide-leg pants in every style and with countless gimmicks. No matter if you prefer more high-waisted pants or pants that sit low on the hips. And what is most important in autumn 2022: contrasts attract and that all along the line. You’ll find this principle in almost every variation of this year’s fashion, making the trend particularly appealing and outstanding. Of course, you can also find this principle in the wide-leg pants trend.

Wide-leg pants with front creases

Pants with front creases are in fashion, but this season they come with extra-wide and long legs, falling well over your shoes. The effect is indeed absolutely sensational and presents itself as loose and wonderfully casual. And the best thing about it is that it can be combined in many different ways. How about, for example, a skin-tight turtleneck jumper as a contrast, a waistcoat in denim fabric over it, and a wide elegant blazer to go with it (which, by the way, is also fiercely popular this autumn)? This combination is worn with wide and ultra-ling pleated pants and rough boots. In cooler temperatures, you can wear pleated pants made of wool. And even for these, it’s all about contrasts. Whether you wear this outfit as a business look or as part of a stylish streetwear look, it is entirely up to you. Chacun à son goût!

Autumn Trend 2022: Suit pants par excellence

After all these months spent in the home office during the pandemic phase and the lockdown that goes with it, many are now in the mood for crazier and fancier outfits. And the autumn trends of 2022 absolutely understand this need with all its facets. Smart style suit pants paired with a casual look are an absolute must-wear this season. The blazer, which is also part of this season’s trends, features a matching XXL style with wide shoulders. Wear it with either a loose blouse or a warm oversized wool jumper. And of course, chunky boots are a must to finalize this autumn outfit. Add a classy belt, and your autumn outfit is ready. You can wear this classy yet trendy outfit for so many occasions, it always works, you decide when you want to wear it.

The 2000s are making a comeback

The autumn 2022 fashion trend is giving us the feeling that the 2000s are back. Because back then you could also find all kinds of XXL pants in stores and on the streets, especially the low-waist pants. Tightly fitting, belly-free tops provided the perfect contrast to the loose pants. The result was really sensational back then, and nothing has changed since. The pants in the XXL look are particularly long and wide, while the top is all the more minimalist and highlights the curves in an extremely sexy way. If you have defined abs or a six-pack to offer – bring it on!

Sportswear for casual street style

The fact that sportswear can also be worn outside the gym has already become established in fashion in recent years. This season, extra-wide functional trousers are making their way into everyday looks. You will find sports pants made of shiny fabrics, equipped with countless zips and side pockets everywhere. Of course, these pants are combined with an elegant look, such as a pretty oversized blouse, a blazer with extra-wide shoulders, and elegant shoes, to create a contrast and to stick to this season’s trends.

Cargo pants in military style

Cargo pants are also making their way onto the catwalks of the big fashion houses this year. Wide-cut trouser legs with cool side patch pockets and press studs. These pants are as practical as they are stylish. Combined with blouses or blazers, your outfit will be the perfect casual chic look and all about the contrasts that are so trendy right now. Our favorite shoes of the season can be worn with them – either rough boots, sneakers, or classy high heels. A real eye-catcher as streetwear!

XXL style denim pants

And of course, no season is complete without a new edition of the popular jeans. This is exactly what many fans of this classic fashion piece are waiting for. The designers of the big fashion houses are really good at this, and they always come up with something new to skilfully re-stage what has already been established.

Denim fabric often feels less comfortable to wear and sometimes pinches after some time and especially after washing. But not this season! In autumn 2022 jeans are also available in particularly wide and loose versions. Comfort is key.

The 2000s are also showing their full diversity in denim pants. Stars and starlets such as Britney Spears showed it so beautifully back then and the fashion enthusiasts of the time enthusiastically emulated it. Denim in a sexy destroyed look with countless rips and holes adorned the female legs in an extremely appealing way. And they are again this season – naturally in a completely new look. Following this year’s motto with an elegant look, the jeans come in form of elegant hipster trousers, with selected cracks and small holes. Not as worn out as it was fashionable years ago. Because let’s be honest, big rips and huge holes on the legs are not the best for the colder months of the year. This season it’s all about wide and comfortable jeans with only some holes as a detail.

Slouchy is the magic word

The 2022 autumn trend is all about slouchy, which means something like “casual” or “cozy.” Thanks to the flattering fit, the wide pants don’t look too baggy, but rather stylish. And by combining them with elegant tops, jackets, and blazers, they get an absolutely classy look. This season you should have wide-leg pants in your wardrobe in almost every style. They make putting together outfits even more fun! For an absolute eye-catcher, style your loose-fit pants with an XXL clutch.

Autumn fashion 2022 – the colors

The colors are a real showstopper this season. The wide-leg pants are worn in colorful and bold looks. Whether it’s pink, orange, or bordeaux red, anything that catches the eye is allowed. These colors are also worn in combination with each other, because what stands out more than flashy pink combined with bright orange? Color blocking is the motto. Especially after the long months of dreary loneliness in the home office during the lockdown, these colors seem like a real liberating blow!