Chiara Ferragni

Baby Leo

Probably the biggest news is the birth of little Leo. Leo is the first child of Chiara Ferragni and her fiancé Fedez. The baby was born at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, on the night of March 19th to 20th. (In the same hospital where the twins of Beyonce were born.) Shortly after birth Ferragni postet the first photo of sweet Leo. If that Instagram- thing was not laid in the cradle, then I do not know. In Italy, the 19th of March is the official Father’s Day.

Mascara and 3D printers

Chanel is working in new territories. Together with Ergo 3D Factory, Chanel developed a new mascara. Why is this special? The Le Volume Revolution by Chanel should provide dizzying volume. The brush head was developed with a 3D printer. We knew that Chanel is developing a new brush head for every new mascara. But that this comes from the printer, was new.

In addition to the printer, there should be another novelty. The brush just absorbs as much paint as is useful to put on the eyes. The portioning is precise. The mascara is giving off the color evenly without clumping.

Beckham & her business

Victoria Beckham releases a new Make Up line. This novelty she shared with her fans live on her Facebook channel. According to Beckham, the line will be about decorative cosmetics, skin care products and perfume. The ex-Spice Girl works with her team. Together they choosing the color of the products. The 43 year old has pointed out that the cosmetics exactly correspond to the latest researches.

Victoria Beckham

Spears and Photoshop

Britney Spears is the new face of the Kenzo campaign. The 36 year old presents the collection “La Collection Momento”, which defends the whole 80s. Right at the beginning of the campaign the singer and even the fashion house earned criticism. Obviously, the pictures were a little over worked in retrospect. Spears looks like she was in her early 20s.
Editing is actually a common practice and it should be known that the advertising poster depict the people who were photographed. Whether criticism is appropriate? Oh well.

Cynthia Nixon

Governor in the City

Cynthia Nixon, well known as Miranda Hobbs from Sex and the City, wants to become governor in New York. 15 years ago she became famous to serial fans. To this day, Sex and the City is selling DVDs all over the world. Nixon aspires to her first political office and her fame can help her awareness. In her native New York, she is known as a fighter against injustice. Her slogans are loud. She wants something done. The health system should be revised, the mass imprisonment should be stopped, the subway should work again, child poverty should be lowered. The focal points she addresses are quite meaningful and significant. We wish her all the best.

And now again an exciting information at the end:
Today, on 23.03., is the day of meteorology. Specifically, this means that today should be thought of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization). This organization exists in Germany since 1954 and is represented by the German Weather Service. It became clear that weather forecasts can be generated by current weather reports. Even wars and state crises can not affect this data exchange.