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Today’s outfit post is already the last one from Spain. I will share one last post with pictures taken in Spain tomorrow, but this won’t be a classic outfit post. The outfit I am sharing with you today is an outfit I was wearing in the evening in Tarragona on our second day – I think it was the second day… Or was it the last one? Anyway, temperatures dropped a little bit due to a small thunderstorm that evening, so I got to wear my new striped off-shoulder shirt that evening. Even though I knew that we would have around 30°C all day in Spain, I put this shirt into my suitcase. I received it the very last minute before we had to head to the airport on our departure day, I didn’t even have the time to try it on. Therefore I also didn’t plan this outfit in advance, and I actually didn’t know whether the shirt would work with one of the bottoms I had packed or not.I have to admit, that it wasn’t easy to combine it and I first wasn’t sure whether I like this outfit combination or not. But as you can see, I went for this combination, so in the following, you can find all the details about this outfit:

Denim Skirt and striped off shoulder shirt

So as you can see here, I combined my new striped off shoulder shirt with a denim skirt. It was the only piece that worked with the shirt, but I actually would have needed a belt, because the skirt is a little bit too big. Of course, I didn’t have a belt with me and had to put the shirt in the skirt to make it fit a little bit better.

That worked quite good (it still wasn’t perfect) and the skirt didn’t slide down that much anymore. Additionally, the outfit looks so much better with the shirt stuck into the skirt. Well, I didn’t take a picture with the shirt out of the skirt, so you can’t see the difference, but believe me when I say that it does look so much better!

Next up I had to find a pair of shoes to wear with this outfit, and that was even more challenging than finding a bottom to wear with the shirt. I had three pairs of shoes with me: the Birkenstock sandals, my white Reebok sneakers and my black Espadrilles. The espadrilles were no option because I still had a blister on my foot and we wanted to walk through the streets of Tarragona again that evening. My Birkenstock and the Reebok sneakers were left… and I obviously went for the Birkenstock shoes. The reason why I chose these shoes? I didn’t want this outfit to look too sporty, and the sneakers made my legs look super short. So that’s the reason. Some of you might say, that the Birkenstock doesn’t look good either and I have to admit, that they wouldn’t have been my first choice if I would have had all my shoes with me. But in Spain – where I had only three pairs of shoes with me – they were the best choice.

I also had only one bag with me in Spain, so there wasn’t much of choice 😉 I could have left it at home, but I wanted to wear a piece matching the shoes, that’s why I took the bag with me all evening. Last but not least I added the pieces of jewellery I had with me in Spain, and that’s it. No sunglasses, no other clothes and no other accessories.

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