Earlier this week I shared four different casual Christmas outfits and today I am showing you four more outfits you can wear this Christmas. The Christmas outfits I am sharing with you are chic options for the festive days and you can wear them no matter if you are spending these days with your family or friends. I wanted to show you as different options as possible as you will see in the following. To do so, I did not only choose different colors but also a mix of dresses and pants. I will tell you more about the individual outfits in the following, so have a look and I hope one of the outfits is exactly what you were looking for to wear this Christmas. And if you are looking for some more casual options, check out the other Christmas outfits post I shared earlier this week.

Wearing a red dress for Christmas

Red definitely is the most Christmassy color I know and, of course, I had to style at least one outfit with a piece of red clothing. You could either wear a red blouse, a red top or a red dress, for example. I opted for a red dress with a flattering cut and some lovely details to make the outfit look even more festive. The color red itself already is very festive if it is a darker shade of red. But with the v-neck details as well as the strap you tie in the back it looks even more special. To finalize the outfit, I only put on a pair of high heels. You could also add a pair of black tights and a black blazer or a long black coat to stay warm on a cold Christmas day and instead of the high heels, heeled boots will also work perfectly.

red dress Christmas
all black christmas outfit

All black for Christmas

I often wear all black outfits as you can never go wrong with black. Even at Christmas, a black outfit is a safe option if you don’t know what to wear. Most of you will have black clothes in their wardrobe such as a pair of black pants – can be cloth or leather pants – and a simple black shirt or blouse. I decided to combine a pair of black fake leather pants with a black blouse. For the black blouse, I opted for one with a few details. It has embroidery on the sleeves and straps in the front, you can tie if you want. I added a few pieces of jewelry as well as high heels and that’s it. That’s the all-black outfit I am probably going to wear on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Chic Christmas outfit: brown pants and wrap shirt

If black isn’t your favorite color and you don’t want to wear it on a festive day like Christmas, how about combining brown and golden tones instead? For the third chic Christmas outfit, I kept it a little bit lighter. I combined a pair of brown pants with a wrap shirt in a slightly metallic tone. The shirt is just perfect for the festive season with all its details and it’s super comfortable as well. I do like the wrap cut, the strap you can tie in the back or in the front as well as the very loose sleeves a lot. You only have to wear it with a pair of high waisted pants as it’s a little bit short and I bet you don’t feel like wearing a crop top in winter and especially not on Christmas Eve.

Wearing a silver dress on Christmas

For the last chic Christmas outfit, I am showing you another dress option. If you don’t feel like wearing a colorful or a short dress, you could also always go for a midi dress. And how about adding a little bit of sparkle and glitter to your festive outfit? A silver midi dress like this could be the right choice for you. It’s very comfortable thanks to the loose cut yet chic. The metallic yarn adds a chic and festive touch to the dress and makes it perfect for the festive season of the year. And you don’t have to add more clothes to complete your Christmas outfit. Put on a pair of boots as well as a pair of tights if you feel like it.