I definitely don’t like all the trends that pop up season after season. To be honest, there are only a few trends I like and would wear myself. A couple of weeks ago I already talked about the off shoulder trend as one of the trends I like a lot. Another trend I like a lot is the Cami over Shirt trend; it’s one of the trends I’ve liked from the beginning. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a nice cami that works over a shirt, but the other day I finally found one. I found a very nice cami that works not only by itself but also in combination with a t-shirt. Of course, I couldn’t wait to wear it and shoot outfit pictures for you. You can find the result in the following:

The Cami Over Shirt Trend

The cami over shirt trends works in a lot of different variations. First, you need a pretty cami that fits over a shirt. Afterwards, you have to decide if you want to wear it over a t-shirt, a blouse, a turtleneck or a button-down shirt. Instead of a cami, you can also wear a cami dress over a shirt. You see, the cami over shirt trend has a lot of variations to offer and is not only a trend that can be worn in summer.

The day I was wearing one of my new favourite trends for the first time, I went for the most casual version: the cami over t-shirt one. I kept it simple and added black jeans as well as black high heels and used the flowers I bought for myself as an accessory 😉 Flowers are always a good idea, not only for one’s home but also as an accessory in pictures. They brighten up gloomy days and top off casual and simple outfits. Every time I shoot an outfit with flowers; I’m very happy with the result. Imagine these pictures and this outfit without the flowers, the pictures and my outfit would look less interesting. What do you think about it? Do you like this look and the cami over shirt trend? Do you use flowers as an accessory in pictures as well?

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