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While I’m writing these lines, I’m lying in bed here in Morocco, because I’m sick. Vanessa and I had the most horrible night, I think the food didn’t agree with us, and I don’t want to share any more details at this point. Due to this we spend the day yesterday in bed all day, didn’t go surfing or outside at all. I just hope we’ll feel better today so that we can enjoy your penultimate day here in Morocco as well as the last day. But before that happened, we had three fun days here in Taghazout, surfed a lot, explored the area and, of course, took some pretty cool pictures for you guys. The ones I want to share with you today, are one of my favourites even though I first wasn’t sure how they would turn out. See it yourself and let me know what you think:

Bright Red Sweater and Cacti in Morocco

When I received this sweater from Subdued, I knew I had to bring it to Morocco. Red is my favourite colour, and I know, I don’t wear it very often, but it is! I first wanted to take pictures of this sweater on the beach, sitting there watching the waves and just enjoying the sunset. That’s what I had in mind when I planned the outfit shoots for Morocco. But the day we wanted to take the pictures, we were sitting next to the beach on the stones trying to get a tan, and that’s where I saw these cacti. I liked the idea of sitting in front of the cacti and the bright red sweater in contrast to the green cacti.

I have to confess, sitting there was everything but easy or comfortable, but it was worth it. I couldn’t take my hand off the stone because otherwise, I would have fallen. Additionally, I had to push myself away from the rock a little bit because it was quite edged and rough. At the same time I had to make sure my feet don’t look awkward, which doesn’t work out all the time x) Anyways, I absolutely love the result, what about you?

Why I barely wear colours when I’m in Berlin

Have you ever recognized, that I barelay wear colours when I am in Berlin? I usually wear black, grey or white. Sometimes even blue, but even the colours are wear are plane and simple, I barely wear bright colours. Maybe it’s because Berlin is a grey city (especially during winter). Maybe it’s because my days in Berlin are very simple as well and I don’t feel like dressing up or wearing a colour. Maybe I don’t want to stand out and stay hidden. I have no idea. I just know, that I LOVE wearing colours when going on vacation. When I search the internet for summer styles, I’m more likely to choose some colourful ones than when I search for clothes I can wear in Berlin. When I saw this read sweater online at Subdued I was looking for styles to bring to Morocco as well. And I know I wouldn’t have chosen it, if it was for Berlin. Kind of weird isn’t it? What about you? Is it the same with you? Do you wear different clothes when you’re home than when you’re travelling?

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