freddieg Shirt

As you all might know I’m at the Kids Parade today. If you are in Berlin and you don’t have other plans I would love to see and meet your there. 🙂

But back to the important things, back to the outfit 😉 Some weeks ago I received a parcel from freddieg with four great shirts. You’ve already seen the first three and now here is the last one 🙂 Actually the length of the shirt isn’t that long, it’s normal but in size L I could nearly (!) wear it as a dress. 😉 I combined the Shirt with the wings print with a leggings and my Asos sneaker wedges. If the weather was better I would wear the shirt with some short shorts too, I would love to see the perplex people hehe 😉 But back to the shirts: which one is your favourite? 🙂 x

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Zara Leather Jacket // freddieg Wings Shirt // H&M Leggings // Asos Sneaker Wedges // H&M Statement Necklace // Pandora Bracelet