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This was my second time wearing a cropped top (here: cropped sweater) without another shirt underneath. The first time I wore it during the cruise in September 2013, since it was the perfect pool-outfit. Actually I’m not sure about cropped tops. I liked the idea of wearing them with a shirt or blouse undernath, but showing my naked belly? I changed my mind and created this look.

The more I look at these pictures, the more I like this outfit wearing the cropped sweater from Zara. And who would have thought that almost every garment I wore is from Zara? Hahahaha, absolutely everything expect the shoes.

I have a few more outfits in my mind combining this and other cropped tops, e.g. with a skirt or high waisted shorts. Can’t wait to show you all my ideas 🙂 Would you wear a cropped top showing your naked belly? If so, how would you combine it? x

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Zara Leather Jacket // Zara Cropped Sweater // Zara Jeans // Nelly Shoes