Hello from Berlin! We’re back in Germany, and I’m a little bit exhausted from our flight! But since I didn’t have the chance to keep you posted on the blog, I just wanted to show a sign of life. 😉 The last days in Bangkok were very busy, we wanted to enjoy our last hours in the city, so I didn’t have the chance to write new posts for you guys! But now we’re back in Berlin, and I can’t wait to share EVERYTHING with you! I still have tons of pictures left, so there are lots of Thailand posts coming during the next days, probably weeks. I already started to work myself through all these photos; I’ll sort and edit them and work on some first posts. For now, you can find some snapshots from Bangkok in the following. Have a lovely day and don’t forget to stop by the next days to see everything we shot for you during our Thailand trip. <3

Bangkok_Random-7 Bangkok_Random-6 Bangkok_Random-13 Bangkok_Random-12 Bangkok_Random-24 Bangkok_Random-20 Bangkok_Random-41 Bangkok_Random-35 Bangkok_Random-40 Bangkok_Random-34 Bangkok_Random-51 Bangkok_Random-49