As I already told you, today’s Business Post will be about a travel topic again. Last week I shared some tips to make your trip unforgettable and today I want to share some travel hacks to make your trip better. You see, it’s all about making the best of your travels! The following tips are some of the essentials to make all your travels, at least, a little bit better than they already are:

Information is everything

Well, if you’re adventures just take off without informing yourself before. But, if you don’t want to be lost after arrival, you should inform yourself BEFORE the beginning of your trip. I always check how to get to the city and, if possible, I buy a ticket in advance, so I just have to change from the plane to the train, bus, etc.. It’s so much better to know where to go after the arrival and not to have to check and find something afterwards. Besides, I always copy the address of the hotel I’m staying at into “Notes” on my iPhone.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them

I just discovered this travel hack before our Thailand trip. When you fold your clothes, they’ll crinkle. But if you roll them instead of folding them you can avoid most of them! Somehow it seems to be a bit space-saving as well. Don’t know how it works, but it does… have you every tried to roll your clothes?

Rent a vehicle

It’s much more fun to discover a place by oneself. If you rent a car or scooter for your trip, you can choose the places you want to see, you can visit places that are not overcrowded, places that might be a bit hidden. Of course, it can be helpful to have a guide when booking a tour, but do you really need it? These days we can simply google all the information we need. 😉

Bring a second battery

When bringing your camera, don’t forget a second battery as well as a second memory card! Just imagine you’re in the most beautiful location you’ve ever seen, you’re taking a lot of pictures, and suddenly your battery is empty, or there is no more space on your memory card! I experienced it several times.. that’s why I always have at least a second battery and memory card with me!

So these are only a couple of tips to make your trip better. There are much more travel hacks, and if you have some pretty good ones, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. I’m thankful for every advice! xx