I already mentioned that I didn’t see any shows at the official Fashion Week tent this season. I spent most of my time backstage with Wella Professionals and Sebastian Professional at “Der Berliner Mode Salon” and saw the making-of as well as the final results of five shows and two presentations. Being backstage before the show and seeing the preparations as well as hecticness before the show is my favourite part. It’s way more interesting, and one gets a better idea of the whole story the designer wants to tell. When you only see the fashion show, you only see the final result not the work behind it. Most people only get to see the result; that’s why I tried to capture some of the moments I experienced backstage for you. In the following, you can find some backstage snapshots as well as the final results, and you’ll learn a little bit more about the looks and the story behind them:

Hairstyling by Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals made the hairstyling for five shows as well as the group exhibition during this season’s Fashion Week in Berlin at “Der Berliner Mode Salon”: HIEN LE, RENÉ STORCK, MALAIKARAISS, ODEEH, FELDER FELDER, TIM LABENDA, ANTONIA GOY, MICHAEL SONTAG, ISABELL DE HILLERIN and MARINA HOERMANSEDER. Even this season the stylists were working with the EIMI styling series. In addition to the EIMI products, they also used the OIL REFLECTIONS LUMINOUS SMOOTHENING OIL, I told you everything about a couple of days ago 🙂

Backstage with Wella Oil Reflections Wella_BS_1-9 Wella_BS_1-13 Wella_BS_1-12 Wella_BS_1-1 Wella_BS_3-1 Wella_BS_3-3 Wella_BS_3-5 Wella_BS_3-4 Wella_BS_3-6 Wella_BS_3-8 Wella_BS_2-8 Wella_BS_2-7 Wella_BS_2-4 Wella_BS_2-3





Marina Hoermanseder:


group exhibition:

Wella_BS_3-9 Wella_BS_3-10

In friendly cooperation with Wella Professionals