I wasn’t only backstage with Wella Professionals during this season’s Fashion Week Berlin. On Tuesday, Wednesday and the first show on Thursday Wella Professionals created the hair stylings and the Urban Design Team of Sebastian Professional did the hairstyling for the last three shows on Thursday: Vladimir Karaleev, William Fan and Augustin Teboul. Since both teams work differently regarding the stylings, I decided to split them up and to create two different posts. The one about my backstage experiences with Wella Professionals went online yesterday and today I’m sharing everything about the hair stylings by Sebastian Professional as well as some backstage moments.

Hairstyling by Sebastian Professional

As I already mentioned, Sebastian Professional created the hair stylings for the models of the Augustin Teboul as well as the William Fan show and the Vladimir Karaleev presentation. The hairstylings were very different from each other. The hairstyling for the Augustin Teboul show was very messy, created as a contrast to the glamorous and partly kitschy outfits the designer duo designed. The hairstyling for the William Fan show is a combination of functionality and a glamorous yet casual look. It is suitable for daily use as well as a party and fits the theme of the collection perfectly: “The Day After”. Last but not least a few words about the hairstyling for the Vladimir Karaleev presentation, which was my favourite by the way. It was a very straight look with two braids on top of the head. To finalise the look, the Urban Design Team included leather straps along the braids. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Sebastian Professional x Maxime Büchi

Sebastian Professional teamed up with tattoo artist Maxime Büchi to create a Limited Edition of some of their styling products. Maxime Büchi designed six unique tattoo designs you can find on the gift boxes of the Limited Edition. The Limited Edition will be available in September 2016, but the Sebastian Professional Urban Design Team already used the products for the hair stylings they created during Berlin Fashion Week. Additionally, the designs of Maxime Büchi were used in the Vladimir Karaleev collection as well as for the William Fan show.
One of my highlights was the meeting with Maxime Büchi. I had the chance to interview him, and he told me a couple of things about himself as well as the collaboration with Sebastian Professional. It was very interesting for him to work with a beauty brand since it was his first time. But it was quite a challenge at the same time. So why did he decided to work with Sebastian Professional? First of all, he likes challenges. 😉 Sebastian Professional is a high-quality brand and that was a very important fact for him. Sebastian Professionals is well-known for urban stylings, and tattoos are part of an urban youth culture as well. So it’s a great fit. He knew Sebastian Professional before but had to learn a lot about the products and tried to transfer the functionality of the products to his designs.

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