Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week

The days around Christmas are always the calmest of the year, and I’d decided to take it easy these days. Due to that, I shared only one new post with you here on the blog and this one post was all about outfit inspirations for New Year’s Eve. I put together four different party outfits for the last night of the year, linked all the products, and did not only photograph them but also filmed a little styling video you can find on YouTube.

Looks of the Week

Due to Christmas and some busy days before and after, we didn’t really take any outfit photos last week. That’s also because it is very dark all day most of the time. Even when we plan to take outfit photos, we end up not taking any because of almost no light. You can see everything we photographed in the following:

What happened the past week

Last week was everything but eventful. I was tired most of the time, had to buy some last Christmas presents and get everything organized before the holidays. We worked a lot, created some last content for this year, and in between all these things I had to get done, I also tried to stick to my workout routine and go to the gym. It worked quite well, and we did most of the things we had planned for the past week. We finally rearranged our office. Luisa and I moved to a different room at the office, so we now have our own room and more space to be creative, create content and do all our blogging stuff while my boyfriend and the others are now sharing a room, so it’s easier for them to communicate and work on their projects. Everything is 90% done now, and as soon as Luisa is back from her vacation, we can finish it off.
This is what I was doing the days around Christmas. Christmas time itself, we spent with our families. We ate a loooot of food, spent time together, and just had a great time. I hope you guys had a fantastic time with your beloved ones as well. x