Another Sunday, another “24 hours a day, 7 days a week” post. And even though it was a week in Berlin with lots of time spent at the office, I may have some interesting things to tell. Because even though I spent most time at the office and worked a lot, I also met up with friends and I had an eventful weekend I will now tell you more about. The last Saturday in July was the Saturday the Adidas Runners City Night took place here in Berlin.

It was my second time participating in this run, but this year I ran the 10 km and not the 5 km as I did last year. I remember last years run being super excited. I just had started with running and knew that these 5 km would be a challenge for me. It was a challenge I successfully met. Since I’ve been running a lot since that day, 5 km aren’t a challenge for me anymore, so I definitely wanted to run the 10 km this year. As you might know, I had some problems with my leg the last weeks, and I actually didn’t run a lot before the City Night – I wasn’t at the top of my game! And these 10 km really were a challenge! It was super hot in Berlin that evening, and I started to be heavy-legged after only two kilometres. To be honest, upon other terms I would have stopped and not finished the run. But the people cheering from the sides and all the other runners, especially the Adidas Runners, helped me through these 10 km and I made it. I didn’t run my best time, it actually was the worst time I’ve ever run, but I was just happy I made it to the finish line. x)


After the Adidas Runners City Night, I went home to take a shower and get changed and then we drove to the Runbase for the After Run Party. I was super exhausted and actually didn’t want to stay that long, but in the end, I was home at 3 am, and I could have stayed longer for sure. But I knew that I would have to get up at 9 am on Sunday, so I didn’t stay longer at the Runbase. The reason I had to get up that early on Sunday was a brunch with the Adidas team. We met at 10 am at the Runbase, ate a lot (I had two bowls, one porridge bowl and one granola bowl), joined a yoga class and had so much fun. Afterwards, Sophia (lovelygirlyrosy) and I took some outfit pictures before I drove back home and relaxed for the rest of the day.

My Monday started at the office, as always. I knew that I had a lot of work to get done and didn’t want to waste time! I was working all day and got lots of work done. Since the weather was fantastic on Monday, we decided to get some ice cream and sit at the riverside for a little while. It was such a lovely evening, and I wish we would have more days like these in Berlin. The weather on Tuesday was quite the same, but the day started and ended with rain. That’s why I didn’t do anything but working on Tuesday. The plan was to meet up with a friend in the afternoon, but we had to postpone it to Thursday. But before I tell you what my Thursday looked like, I will share everything about Wednesday. Of course, even Wednesday started at the office, and I worked almost all day. In the afternoon I met up with a friend, we had Frozen Yoghurt and walked along the riverside near the Reichstag building in Berlin. It is one of my favourite locations in Berlin during summer, and even in winter, it looks super nice.

Thursday didn’t start at the office, I met up with a friend for breakfast, and we talked about business and stuff. I was back at the office around noon and worked for the rest of the day. Thursday was super unproductive, and even though I was there until 7 pm, it felt as if I didn’t get anything done. After work we drove to Ikea to buy a new mirror for our bathroom – and, of course, we didn’t leave without buying something we didn’t plan on buying 😉 We were home around 8 pm, prepared dinner and went to bed quite early to start the Friday with full energy and ready to kick off this last day at work before the weekend. Well, I had enough sleep, but I wasn’t a hundred percent fit on Friday either. I tried to get as much work as possible done anyways and spent almost all day at the office. We went for a swim in the afternoon, had dinner at a nice restaurant in our neighbourhood and watched Netflix when we were back home. It was a very calm and relaxing evening, exactly what I needed that day!