Happy Sunday everyone! A very calm week is over, and even though I didn’t do that much, it’s time to tell you everything about these days. I was still sick on Saturday, so we spent most of the day at home, laying in bed and watching Netflix. We just left our apartment to go walkies with Jimmy and to drive to a hardware store, because we wanted to buy some things for our home such as a new bathroom mirror and a lamp. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything, so we left without buying something. Now I’m searching the web but still, haven’t found anything. Do you know some nice online shops for things like this?

Sunday was a quite calm day as well. We started the day with a delicious breakfast at home – I made fresh juice and pancakes. Afterwards, I went for a looooong walk with Jimmy, because I finally felt better and wanted to move a little bit. In the early afternoon I met a friend for coffee and cinnamon buns in a new bakery in my neighbourhood (Zeit für Brot), we talked a lot about travelling and photography, and it was great to see her again after a couple of months. 🙂 In the evening I just cooked dinner with my boyfriend, and we watched some more episodes of Suits before we went to bed. Monday started quite late because I still wasn’t 100 percent fit and wanted to sleep in before heading to the office. I was at the office around 10 am and didn’t leave it until 7 pm because I had a lot of work to get done… I hate being sick! On Tuesday I felt much better, and I was fit enough to join

the Fabletics event. Last time we did a cycling session, this time it was only yoga and meditation. It was the first time I did meditation, and I actually have to confess, that it’s not my thing. But it was nice to try it! And the yoga session was very good, I wouldn’t do it regularly, but sometimes I really enjoy doing yoga for a change 🙂

On Wednesday I spent all day at the office again. I still haven’t caught up on everything I couldn’t do the week before, AND I have to prepare my trip to Morocco next Thursday. I don’t know how good the wifi will be there and if I’ll be able to do anything at all. Additionally, I’ll be surfing all day, so I’ll probably be too tired in the evening to work x) Oh I can’t wait to be there… Anyways, Wednesday didn’t happen anything interesting, because I was at the office all day. Even on Thursday, I didn’t do anything but working. But I can tell you, that we finally managed to take new outfit pictures I can share next week. In the evening we were at a birthday party, and when we were back home, I fell asleep right away. On Friday I finally went to the gym again! It felt soooo good to do a workout again finally. And I really need to get back on track asap. I want to run the half marathon on the 2nd April and have to train and improve my running a lot! But that’s another to be told soon. 🙂 After the workout, I went to the office to work and prepare a couple of things. I didn’t do anything but relaxing at home, watching TV and reading magazines – perfect way to end the week!

That’s it from my past week. I hope you had a great week too 🙂 Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and tell me everything about it. Enjoy your Sunday. xx