First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! You might wonder why I didn’t share anything like “Best of 2016”, “Our plans for 2017” or “My New Year’s Resolutions”. Well, this year I didn’t only share anything Christmas related (well, almost nothing) and I didn’t want to share all the Best of things as well. A new year is like a new chapter in a book, and I don’t want to look back, I want to go further, and I can’t wait to see what the new year has in petto. So much for that. So no posts about the last year, no more New Year’s Resolution posts and stuff like that, today I’ll just do it as every Sunday and tell you a little bit more about my past week.

It was Christmas last weekend, and I already told you, that we spent the Saturday with my boyfriend’s family and the Sunday with my family. After two days with the families and a lot of food, I was happy that we were spending the Monday at home, to work a little bit and to prepare our trip to Sri Lanka. We barely made it outside, just when we had to go for walkies with Jimmy. On Tuesday we had to drive to the office to get a couple of things done, and we had to run errands after the Christmas holidays. But the rest of the day was very calm. We worked from home and watched movies in the afternoon 🙂 Wednesday started with a workout, a much-needed workout after the holidays. Afterwards, I had to drive to the office to prepare a couple of orders for dispatch (some of you might know, that we’re also in the e-commerce business).I worked from home for the rest of the day and met Luisa in the evening for a quick dinner and to watch La La Land afterwards. The movie was really nice, I didn’t have any expectations, but liked it a lot.

Thursday and Friday were two more days we spent at home working and preparing our Sri Lanka trip. It didn’t happen anything interesting at all because we had a lot of things to get done. In between work we were in the city to run errands for NYE and Sri Lanka, but that’s actually it. Now I can’t wait to fly to Sri Lanka tomorrow and, of course, to take you along! Next week I can already share the first pictures shot in Sri Lanka, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the first couple of days in Sri Lanka. xx

P.S.: I’m wearing shirts from Urbanik Art in the first two pictures here. And you can still save 10 percent when using the code JACKYGIFT. Happy shopping 🙂