I’m so happy this week is finally over! It was so busy, and I just stressed myself out because of the exam I had last week. You can’t believe how happy I was when it was over on Friday. Speaking of which, I passed! I successfully passed the exam! I can’t describe how happy and relieved I am now. It’s actually not that hard, but I just don’t like the situation. Anyways, I passed, and now I can officially educate in marketing communications.

The rest of the week was dominated by learning and working. I can’t remember what we were doing last Saturday, but I know that I was learning all day on Sunday. On Monday I had to do the first part of the exam, the written exam, so I didn’t do any interesting that day. We spent a little longer at the office, watched the new The Walking Dead episode and fell asleep. Tuesday started at the office. I had to catch up on the work I couldn’t finish on Monday, and I also had to do preparatory work, because I didn’t go to the office on Thursday and Friday. So there was a lot of work to get done. Wednesday looked quite the same, but I also began to prepare the second part of the exam, the oral exam. I had to do a role play and I just really hate roleplays!

So on Thursday I stayed at home, I planned the role play and practised it again and again. Pretty dull day. I went to bed very early to be well rested on Friday, the day of the second part of the

exam. I went to the exam, I was super nervous, waited until it was time to do the role play, succeeded and went back home. We decided to stay home and to keep it calm. We got something to eat, worked a little bit and watched a movie in the evening; that’s it.

I’m sorry that there’s nothing exciting I could tell you about my past week, but sometimes that’s how my weeks look like. Next week will be much more eventful and probably interesting for you. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and check my Instagram stories if you don’t want to wait until Sunday to hear what I was up to.