Do you already follow me on Youtube? Last Sunday I published a new vlog on my channel and I took you along on a quite interesting day. The day started with studying for my examination for Instructor qualification at home, what was quite boring, but in the early afternoon, I went to the Runners Point Lighthouse Store at Berlin-Kurfürstendamm where the Launch Event of the new Supernova running shoe started.

If you want to see what my day looked like, make sure to watch the video on Youtube. I just realised that I forgot to give you all the information about the event and the new shoe. So if you want to know everything about it, continue reading. In today’s post, I’m not only telling you everything about the event but also about the new Supernova running shoe.

Supernova Launch Event

As I already mentioned, the event started at the Runners Point store at Berlin-Kurfürstendamm where we had the chance to get a first impression of the shoe the event was all about. We also got new running outfits including the new Supernova, so we could try it that evening. We could either run almost 10km to the Runbase or take the train and do a workout inside the train. I opted for the first option, because I really felt like running. Everybody changed into the new outfits and the new shoes, we did a little warm up in front of the store – a little bit embarrassing… – and started our

Jacky testing the new Supernova
Adidas Runners
Warm-Up at Kudamm
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10km run to the Adidas Runbase. It was raining, super windy and cold, not the best conditions for a run but the best conditions for a real performance test 😉

When we arrived at the Runbase after an hour, we got more information about the shoe – I’ll tell you everything in a bit! Afterwards, we could finally take a shower and had super delicious dinner. I absolutely love the Lab Kitchen, everything they cook is super delicious! We were starving and couldn’t wait to eat. You can see the delicious food in my Youtube video 🙂

The new Supernova

Now let’s talk about the new Supernova. It has 25 percent more boost content (now 75 percent) that offers endless energy. The boost is super comfortable and made-to-last, but you definitely should try them first to see if you like the comfort of the boost or not. Adidas tried to create a shoe everybody can wear. Therefore they created an enhanced fit and improved feel underfoot. Another highlight is the sole that offers ultimate grip no matter where you’re running or what the weather conditions are. I have to confess, that it wasn’t the best to wear the white/grey shoes when it was raining and all muddy outside because now they’re not white anymore. But I didn’t have any problems during the run. The comfort is amazing; I like it a lot. So when you’re thinking about buying a new running shoe, add the new Supernova to your list. It’s worth a try.

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Thank you Adidas for this fun event!