Blog Posts and Youtube Videos of the Week

Do you remember that I said, I would share a bit more this week? Well, that didn’t happen. I actually shared even less than I did the week before. The reason is that I spent the past week in Italy together with friends and even though I had planned to also work on the blog, I ended up just enjoying my time there and postponing the blogposts to next week.
I shared one new outfit post last week, and it was the last summer look I had left from a few weeks ago. It was one of the outfits I was wearing during the Berlin summer, and it’s a quite chic one. You can either wear this outfit to work or on the weekend. Check out the post for all the details and more info about how I styled white boots for a summer day in the city.

It won’t surprise you, that I also didn’t share anything new on YouTube. I did not even start editing all the videos I have left from some of my last travels. I came back from Italy yesterday, and I will be in Berlin for the next two weeks, so hopefully, I can find the time to edit the videos and share them with you soon.

Looks of the Week

I didn’t take any outfit photos in Berlin, and we also weren’t very productive when we were in Italy. But, of course, we didn’t let the days pass by without taking a single outfit photo. So in the following, you can find a few outfits I was wearing during the week in Italy.

What happened the past week

Once I was back from Copenhagen, I had to recharge my batteries and get ready for the next travel on Monday. That’s why I didn’t do much but unpacking and repacking my suitcase, going through some photos and editing them as well as meeting up with Luisa on Sunday for a yoga class and coffee afterwards. I also watched my boyfriends soccer match and had dinner with his family.
On Monday we flew to Milan where we met Sandra and Andi, who picked us up. We first wanted to spend the day in Milan, but the weather wasn’t the best, and we decided to go straight to Lake Garda, where we spent the whole week with them. The first day it was very humid and a bit rainy, we didn’t do much but relaxing and working at the apartment and went out for dinner. The next days were also very calm and relaxing. We spent the mornings working and went out with the boat in the afternoons. In the evenings, we cooked dinner, or we got pizza or pasta at one of the restaurants close to the apartment. Only the last day we decided to explore a little bit more. We rent a scooter and drove to a castle (or maybe it was a church, I don’t really know) in the mountains. It took us a little while, and the castle itself wasn’t that spectacular, but the drive was very nice. I really enjoyed it, and the landscapes are just so beautiful. 🙂 In the evening we had one last dinner together, and it was the perfect end to this trip.