Good morning and happy Sunday! A week in Berlin is over, time to tell you a little bit more about the past days. 🙂 After two very busy weeks, I spent the past one in Berlin, catching up on work and preparing Fashion Week in Berlin. So it actually wasn’t less busy, only regarding travels. 😉 So what did I do the past week? Read everything about it in the following:

The past weekend was very calm. I barely remember what I was doing. Our camera was still broken, and the new one wasn’t ready yet even though they told us we could pick it up on Wednesday. And I don’t mean last week’s Wednesday, I mean the Wednesday the week before! Anyways, it wasn’t ready, and we had to cancel all our shooting plans and didn’t do a lot at all. On Sunday was the first match of the German team and, of course, we were watching it! We met our friends a couple of hours earlier and had a delicious BBQ before the match. And as you might know, Germany won 😉
Monday and Tuesday were dominated by work, so there’s nothing exciting to tell you about these two days. Wait, I forgot that we finally got our new camera on Tuesday! FINALLY! Now I’m feeling complete again and can finally work on new posts and projects.
Wednesday was a little bit more varied. I started my day at the gym, went to the office and had a meeting in the afternoon. I picked some pretty nice styles for Fashion Week and went to an event right afterwards. You see, there was a little bit more variety on Wednesday. By the way: I’ll show you some of the styles I picked next week, so make sure to stop by.
On Thursday was the second EC match of the German team, time for another BBQ and a fun night with friends. 😉 Therefore, I decided to skip my Friday morning workout and went straight to the office. Well, I didn’t only skip my Friday workout because of the match on Thursday but also because the Adidas RUNNERS Camp at Runbase Berlin started on Friday! But that’s another story to be told. If you want to see what I did and, of course, what I’m doing during the camp make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat!

Favourite Song of the past week: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Light Tunnels (feat. Mike Slap)

Material Craving of the past week: still in love with this BL^NK Kimono and these Vagabond slippers would be the perfect match.

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