The first full week in Berlin after traveling for a month is over and guys, it feels so good to be back. At the same time I am, of course, missing the sunshine and warmth, but at the moment I am just enjoying being back at the office and getting things done. I am never as productive when on vacation as when I am at the office, and I had so many things in my mind I wanted to get done, it was almost too much hahaha. And this is the point where you probably already know, that I was spending most of the time at the office the past week.

We came back from Lisbon on Saturday, and it took us almost eight hours due to a layover in Dusseldorf. As you already know, we booked at the very last minute and couldn’t find a good direct flight from Berlin to Lisbon. I didn’t mind having a layover in Dusseldorf because I used this time to get some work on the blog done. We arrived in the evening, went home, got organized and went grocery shopping. Since we were quite exhausted, we stayed at home. We woke up quite late on Sunday because we had to catch up on a lot of sleep. We took it easy that Sunday and spent most of the time at home. We just left our home o go outside and take pictures of an outfit I had to send in on Monday. I worked the rest of the day to get some blog posts done, and my boyfriend picked up Jimmy. I was so happy to finally have this little cutie back after not seeing him four weeks!

From Monday to Friday I was spending most of the time at the office. My to-do list was (and still) is endless and I wanted to get as many things as possible done to be able to concentrate on Christmas and NYE content. I got a lot of work done, but still, have a lot of things on my to-do list. I hope I can start working on festive content at the end of the next week…

On Monday evening I went to a get together from a PR agency from Munich to finally meet them in person and to see a preview of the upcoming collections of their clients. And when I was back home, I directly went to bed and fell asleep. Monday and Wednesday were the only days I didn’t stay long at the office. On Monday because of the get-together and on Wednesday, because I had to pick up my new gym membership card at Aspria Berlin. But I didn’t only pick up my card; I also worked out a little bit. The Aspria is only a five minutes walk from my home, and it is amazing to have a gym that close to my home. Know the distance won’t be a reason not to go to the gym 😉
It was amazing to work out after almost a month! I really missed it and was super excited. It wasn’t one of my best workouts, and I also didn’t run my best time on the treadmill, but it wasn’t the worst either. I was quite sore the next day – almost five weeks of not going for a run or doing a work out leave their mark. 😉

So yep, that’s everything the past week was about. Next week I will also work a lot, but I have some exciting events I will attend, and I will meet up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. So hopefully I have some more exciting things to talk about next week. For now, enjoy your Sunday and let me know, what your past week was all about. xx