Last week I didn’t share a business post because I had something else to share with you. It was all about coffee and doesn’t it have to do with business in a way? For me there’s no business without my daily coffee dose 😉 Anyways, let’s get back to “real” business topics such as “how to reduce stress on a daily basis”. Yep, that’s what today’s post is all about. People have a lot of stress everyday, and it’s such an unnecessary thing! Stress makes us angry, sometimes even sad or anxious, especially when we need to solve problems but have no clue how. The more stressed we are, the less productive are we and therefore we probably won’t find a solution for the problem we need to solve. But it’s not only about problems, but there are also a lot of situations that yield stress. Luckily there are ways to reduce stress on a daily basis. Read more about it in the following:

Go for a walk

Fresh air is always a good idea; that’s why going for a walk when you’re stressed is one of the best things you can do. The fresh air, as well as the activity, will help you to forget about things and to move forward. When you need to solve a problem, a walk might help you to find a solution, etc.. Did you know that physical activities cause our body to produce endorphins? And endorphins are known as feel-good hormone 😉

Play some music and lay down

You already know that a change of the location might help you to feel less stressed. But we can’t always go outside, especially when it’s raining or simply freezing cold. So how about laying down and listen to some music instead? Music has a lot of influence on our mood. Listen to happy music, if you want to cheer up or listen to slow music if you want to relax. Put your headphones on and listen to whatever you like and need, but please avoid sad tracks, they’ll probably worsen your mood (stress). 😉

Eat something sweet

Have you ever eaten chocolate or others sweets without feeling better afterwards? Chocolate is medicine for the soul. I always have dark chocolate at home, just in case I’m stressed out or in a bad mood. It ALWAYS helps me to feel better. I always combine it with a glass of water, because drinking water helps me as well. Sometimes I eat cookies instead of dark chocolate, but because I can’t stop after the first cookie I try to avoid them x) Anyways, you should eat whatever helps you to feel better. 🙂