It was such a beautiful day yesterday. The sun came out, and it was so nice to see it again, after all, these rainy days. Of course, we had to take full advantage of the sunny weather and shot another outfit for you guys. Unfortunately, this was the only chance to enjoy the sunshine since I had lots of work on my desk to get done before Fashion Week Berlin next week. I hope the weekend will be sunny as well. 🙂 There are only a couple of hours before I can call it a day and begin enjoying the weekend. For now, I’ll leave you with this new look:

Blue Jeans for a change

I just realized I didn’t wear any other jeans than black and dark grey ones this year until yesterday. That’s why I wanted to wear blue jeans for a change. But I combined it with black and grey to keep it simple. It’s one if the casual looks I wear almost every single day during the week because it’s perfect for a day at the office. And that’s exactly where I spent all day yesterday and where I’ll be all day today. Luckily I don’t have to wear chic outfits for the office, that’s one of the pros when you’re your own boss 😉 Sometimes I’m even wearing my sweatpants at the office, and nobody cares! But usually, I opt for outfits like this one: casual, comfy and simple. What do you usually wear at the office? Do you have a dress code or can you wear whatever you want?

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