Long time no business post, so it’s high time to change that! During the last weeks, I had so many pictures and looks from Thailand to share, so I decided to pause the business posts until I finished everything regarding Thailand. To be honest, it wasn’t only the fact that I had lots of travel posts to share; I also didn’t have an idea what to write about. And then I hit on an idea: why not writing about that exact problem and trying to find some excellent ways to solve it? Well, a word and a blow! Today’s business post will be all about writer’s block and how to overcome it!

How to overcome writer’s block

We all know these moments when we have to write a new blog post, but we have trouble coming up with something to write about, don’t we? It’s called a writer’s block. It’s something everybody experiences from time to time; it’s kind of normal. But as normal as it is, it is also very frustrating. The more you try to write something, the less will come into your mind. Luckily I have some tips that might help you to overcome your writer’s block:

Eat and drink something

Usually, I have these writer’s blockades when I’m hungry x) But before grabbing something to eat I try to overcome the block by drinking a glass of cold water. Sometimes it really helps, I can finish my post and eat something afterwards! But if it doesn’t help I have to stop working at all and eat something first. Depending on the time, I either eat a snack or a full meal. Being away from your desk for a bit helps as well, so this tip is actually something that always works!

Leave your desk

When you’re not hungry, and drinking doesn’t help, you should leave your desk. Go outside, move your body and get some fresh air. Take your time, at least, 20 minutes, and try to think about something else than your blog post. And how knows, maybe you get the right idea and perfect inspiration for your post during this short walk. The only risk is, that you start doing a lot of other things, try to avoid every kind of distraction!

Do something else, no matter what

If nothing helps, do something else, anything else, no matter what! Sometimes when I have a writer’s block, I check some of my favourite blogs or magazines online. When I have a lot to do, I do some of the other tasks, or when I work from home, I clean the flat or do laundry. There a lot of things to do instead of trying to write a new blog post without an idea what to write about x) Doing something else helps a lot because you focus on something else and forget about your blog post for a while. Take as much time as you need, do all the other things you want to do, but don’t forget to get back to where you started: your blog post! Don’t respite it until the next day, do it only for an hour or so.