Since I’m currently in Thailand, I thought it would be nice to share something travel related in today’s business post. I have so many topics in mind, but let’s start with the following: how to make your travels unforgettable. Most of you probably don’t travel that much, maybe two to three times a year, so it’s very important to make the best of this time, to make it unforgettable. 🙂 In the following you can find some tips that will help you to avoid anger and stress. They’ll help you to enjoy your travels to the fullest und to make them unforgettable in a positive way.

Bring photos of all your important documents

Luckily I haven’t experienced it myself, but I heard a lot of stories where people lost their passport or ID during travel. This loss will cause a LOT of problems! And you don’t want to have these issues while travelling. There’s actually nothing you can do to avoid losing important documents, but you should copy them or take photos of them before you leave and bring them with you. Leave the photographs on your phone and put the copies somewhere in your luggage.

Mark your luggage as fragile

That’s the best tip I ever got! When checking in you can ask the person at the check-in counter to mark your luggage as fragile, because in this case they have to treat your luggage with extra care! Sometimes it seems like they’re not taking care at all when putting the luggage on the carousel, but when it’s marked as fragile they HAVE to! And sometimes they’ll load your luggage after everything else, so it’ll be probably one of the first ones to come out on the carousel. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

Bring useful things with you to the airplane

These useful things are earplugs, headphones, a second pair of socks, an empty pillow case and a sleep mask. Especially when it’s a long flight you’ll be very thankful for these items. They’ll make your flight much more comfortable and sleep on a plane easier – trust me! 🙂

Travel Off Season

It’s always the best idea to travel off season because fewer people are travelling at this time and the prices will be probably a bit lower.

Travel with people you have a good connection with

A lot of people prefer to travel alone because you’re free to do whatever you want, sometimes it can be much easier to travel alone than with somebody else. Well, I prefer to travel with someone else! But it has to be somebody I have a good connection with, somebody I like! I like to be able to share the experiences, to have a second opinion and to have someone to talk as well as laugh with.

Don’t have expectation

If you have expectations, especially when they are high, you’ll probably be disappointed at the end. That’s why it is always better not to have any expectations. Just don’t expect anything and let yourself be surprised – positively!

Go with the flow and enjoy the little things

It’s never wrong to have a plan, but sometimes it’s better to go with the flow. I used to plan EVERYTHING before your journey and I didn’t work out that way. Be spontaneous and decide what to do when you’re already there. It’ll be much easier to see what is worth a visit and what not. Listen to locals or other travellers and get inspired, be flexible. And don’t forget to enjoy the little things!