Paris is a city that has a lot to offer. It’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway, no matter if you want to relax or be active. During our weekend in Paris (already two weeks ago) we did both: we walked a lot, tried to see as much as possible but we also took some time to sit down and enjoy the beautiful views. Since we had a lot of time in Paris to discover and see it, I want to share a little travel guide for Paris with you today. This guide will tell you more about what to do in Paris, what to see and what to eat. If you have some tips yourself, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 🙂 I’m sure this wasn’t my last time in Paris, so I would love to see even more and try even more the next time I visit this beautiful city.

The best way to explore Paris

The best way to explore Paris is by foot. You don’t need a final destination you want to go to and you don’t need a map. Start at your hotel and just walk with your eyes wide open. Make sure to take a look into the side streets and turn off when you see something interesting; you never know what you’ll discover. The best cafés and cutest boutiques are usually where you don’t expect them. It’s worth it to walk where not everybody takes. 🙂

When it’s rainy or freezing cold, it’s not always fun to walk through the streets. Luckily Paris has a very good metro network so that you can go almost everywhere by metro.

What to do in Paris

I already mentioned that Paris has a lot to offer. A lot of cultures, a lot of history and art and, of course, a lot of fashion. Some of the Must Do’s are definitely the Louvre as well the Eiffel Tower. This time, we also visited the Louvre Museum, it’s definitely worth a visit but it’s huge, so you can easily spend a total day here.

Other hot spots in Paris are the Arc de Triomphe in combination with Champs-Élysées, the Sacre-Coeur and Notre Dame Cathedral as well as Pont Alexandre III. The best way to see all of these spots is by walking. It’s not that far, so you can create a little route and just walk from one spot to the other. You can stop in between the sightseeing spots, sit down in one of the parks or a beautiful café. One of those parks is the Tuileries Garden, it’s one of the most beautiful ones in Paris – my opinion! That’s where we spent most time of our last day in Paris. We went to a boulangerie first, bought something to eat and drink and sat down in Tuileries Garden afterwards. Couldn’t imagine a better way to enjoy a sunny day in Paris!

Where to eat in Paris

Finding the perfect spot to eat in Paris can be a bit tricky. We don’t like touristic restaurants and we’re actually not fans of French food. Additionally, we’re used to all the cheap eats in Berlin and compared to Berlin; Paris is very expensive. But there are a couple of spots where you can find good food for a good price. 🙂 We ate burgers two times, went to Blend and Little Cantine. And if you’re looking for other cheap eats you should definitely visit the Latin Quarter, it’s located next to St Germain des Pres.

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