Good morning and happy Thursday. I hope you guys are having a great week! Mine has been really good so far; we’re working on several projects and some of them finally seem to make progress. 🙂 Can’t wait to reveal them, but you still have to be patient. Anyways, since I can’t talk about these projects I want to talk about a new outfit we shot last weekend instead. I’m really happy with this simple look and the pictures, I guess you can see that we were having a lot of fun while taking these pictures. 🙂

Open Back White Shirt

I’m in love, in love with my new white shirt. Why? Because of the open back. I love classical pieces with a special detail. I love basics, that aren’t that basic because of something special just as this open back white shirt. The best part about it is that I found it on sale at Urban Outfitters. ;P I saw a lot of street style pictures with a similar shirt, and I knew that Asos had one, but it was already sold out. The decision to go to Urban Outfitters was very spontaneous; we just wanted to kill some time before going to the cinema. I actually didn’t want to buy something; I just wanted to have a look – as always x) – and to check the newest collection.. well, having a look ended with buying something.

It’s the simple outfits

Keeping it simple is always a good idea because there’s not a lot you can do wrong when choosing a simple outfit. You might have recognized, that I prefer those simple looks lately. Even this time I decided to combine my new white shirt with grey jeans, black high heels and my beloved black hat. The black hat is one of my favourite pieces at the moment, and I want to buy one in grey and burgundy as well. 🙂 But back on topic: the outfit. What do you think about it? Do you like my new shirt and the look I created?

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