Tomorrow is’s 3rd birthday and because of this event I would like to tell you a bit more about the beginning of

I just can’t believe that already turns three. Three years – on the one hand it sounds like a really long time, but on the other it really doesn’t feel like this. It feels more like it was yesterday when I started my blog. Well, not exactly like yesterday, but it is for sure, that it doesn’t feel like three years.

Today I’ll try to tell you the whole story about why I started I said „I’ll try“, because it isn’t that easy: I can’t answer this question by 100%.

Let’s start where it had begun, let’s start in November 2011. Three years ago I had finished my Abitur and my apprenticeship in marketing had just begun – nothing on the subject of fashion here… and even in general I didn’t care much about fashion at that time. I got dressed in the morning and went shopping every now and then – but that’s it. As every other girl at my age I was thinking a lot about my outfits and how I would like to dress and look of course. But I didn’t have a high affinity to fashion.. I always knew what I wanted to wear and how I would like to look, but I always had problems to put it into practice. In the end I chose the most comfortable garments.. I always used to be dissatisfied with my outfits, but I didn’t have the self-confidence or courage to try new things.

Let’s recap: I weren’t studying fashion or something similar, I did not really have stylistic assurancege, even less fashionable style… So why the hell did I start a fashion blog?

It has different reasons. The main reason is that I wanted to start my own project, something I have to account for and where I have a leading part. Added to this, my blog gave me the chance to apply what I’ve learned in my apprenticeship. I came up with the idea „my own blog“, because I was frequently confronted with this medium at that time. And to be honest, a blog didn’t look like a lot of work – today I know it better!

Now you know why I chose the medium blog, but you still don’t know why I decided to start a FASHION blog. Why did I choose fashion, a topic I didn’t have a high affinity to, a topic nobody would associate me with?

Fashion is something you just can’t ignore. A fashion blog seemed to be a nice challenge and as I already told you it didn’t look like a lot of work. But it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. A fashion blog means a LOT of work. You have to create stylish outfits, to take nice pictures, to write and there is so much more work happening in the background. But even when it is a lot of work I had seriously undervalued, my blog is something I couldn’t live without today. My blog and me made a progress and we’re still developing. I’m so thankful for this opportunity. gave me the chance to try new things and to find something that I can call my style. is subjecting to constant change no matter wether we’re talking about the quality of the pictures, the whole design, the topics or my outfits. Even if I get the creeps from my first looks, I can’t delete them, because they belong to

Compared with other bloggers I had nothing – well, not much – to do with fashion. A lot of fashion blogger are studying fashion or something similar. Not me. My interest in fashion grew with I didn’t start because I wanted to share my fabulous, fashionable style. I started, because I wanted to create something that I could call my own. And whats more, I started, because I wanted to challenge myself.

Today is an important part of my life, I love to inspire you and to see growing together with you. All of you have to go through changes and maybe I can help you during this progress. 🙂

That’s it. That’s the whole story.