Good morning, happy Monday and happy new week! After sharing everything about Fashion Week last week, it’s time for a new business post today. And this time, it’s really about a fashion bloggers business. We are all using Instagram (or other Social Media platforms) and are sharing lots of pictures every single day. Some of these pictures are selfies because they’re easy to take. We don’t need someone else to take a selfie of us; you can take a selfie by yourself. It actually should be done very fast – I know, that some people need a lot of time to take the perfect selfie – and your followers like this kind of pictures a lot, don’t they? Talking about the time it takes to shoot the perfect selfie; I want to share the ultimate tip with you today:


Everybody wants to take THE PERFECT SELFIE. We take lots of pictures, all looking the same and we’re still not satisfied. Social Media, especially Instagram, gives us wrong expectations. We see all these pretty girls with their perfect faces and body, sharing perfect pictures and want to be like them. But we forget, that these girls use filters or even edit the photos with Photoshop before sharing them on their Instagram profiles. What we see on Instagram and other Social Media platforms is an imaginary world and very seldom the reality. That’s why I am not sharing any tips for the perfect selfie but the one that you have to love yourself, be confident and transmit it to the outside! People can see whether you love yourself or not, whether your confident or not. Don’t look at the selfies you just took and overthink it!