Short haircuts are still totally on trend. I also cut my hair almost two years ago and went home from the hairdresser with 40 cm less.

Do I regret that in the meantime? Absolutely not. I liked the long hair, but somehow it was too boring for me. Because even if you think that you can do much more with long hair and the choice of hairstyles is more diverse, it looks different since I’m wearing my hair either open or in a braid.

UPDATE: Here’s the 2023 update with two more simple ideas for your festive hairstyle for Christmas or New Year’s Eve and all the festivities that come with it.

Since I have short or shorter hair, I try out much more, and from two different hairstyles, it became a variety of hairstyles for short hair. I have noticed above all: short hair can make many of the hairstyles that you know from long hair, too. However, they are much easier to implement. I want to show you three examples of exactly such hairstyles in today’s post and give you hair styling ideas for the holidays.

What to keep in mind when styling short hair

Short hairstyles are incredibly diverse. But if you want to style short hair, you need the right tools and supplies. Like all other haircuts, the most varied styling ideas can be implemented with a curling iron, blow dryer, and straightener. If you need help determining which styling suits you best, you should use MultiStyler like the Dyson AirWrap. Multifunctional styling tools like this can do everything from curls to beach waves to straight hair.

Whether you choose a MultiStyler or styling tools with only one function, you will still need styling and care products for your hair.

Because short hair is generally healthier and less prone to damage, people often forget to use heat protection and other essential care products. However, it is even more important to protect and care the short hair. In general, everything that applies to long haircuts is also valid for short haircuts.

Otherwise, there is little to consider when styling short hair. You can let off steam and try new hairstyles again and again.

Simple hairstyle with a hair band for short hair

The nice thing about short hair is that you don’t always have to spend a lot of time styling it. Especially during the holidays, it can get a bit more hectic as part of the preparations, and if you too need a simple hairstyle for the Christmas holidays that is ready styled in a few minutes, then this one is just right for you.

All you need for this hairstyle is a straightening iron and a hair band. And it’s as simple as this: Heat protection in the hair, straightening the hair and turning it slightly inward, hair oil or other care in the hair, and finally, only the hair band is missing. I recommend using a thick hair band slightly above the ears. Through the wide hair band, the hairstyle looks much nobler and is perfect for the holidays.

The absolute hairstyle trend: hair clips

In addition to a hair band, you can also use hair clips to implement an incredible number of different and super cool hairstyles for short hair. And at the same time, hairstyles with hair clips are still in trend. I love hairstyles with hair clips because they are super practical and especially suitable for the days when the hair no longer looks so fresh.

Whether you wear your hair open or in a braid with hair clips does not matter. I have decided on the variant with open hair, which I have smoothed in advance. I finished the look with seven silver barrettes, which I wore on one side. For this look, it’s best to start with the top barrette and clip the others underneath until you reach the ear. For the last barrette by the ear, you must ensure that it is not too close to the ear; otherwise, it could press and sit uncomfortably.

If you want, even more, you can also wear the barrettes on both sides or go directly with the all-over look. For this, the hair clips get gradually attached to the entire head. However, they don’t have to sit perfectly next to each other. Go wild here at will and see with which hairstyle for short hair you feel most comfortable.

The look with the hair clips not only complements your festive outfit for the Christmas holidays but is also perfect for the party look for New Year’s Eve.

The Wet Hair Look for short hair

The wet hair look is always a real eye-catcher, regardless of the hair length. But especially with short hair, it can be styled quite easily. This hair styling is especially suitable for those who don’t feel like spending a long time in the bathroom. The wet hair look is simple and super quick to implement.

Unlike what you might think, your hair doesn’t have to be wet for this hairstyle. It’s best to blow dry it in advance. I can also recommend the products from Dyson, as they are particularly gentle.

When the hair is dry, you only need a comb or brush, styling gel, and hairspray. When choosing the gel, ensure it does not contain alcohol; otherwise, it will attack and damage the hair.

Spread the gel throughout the hair, comb it back, and then fix the look best once again with hairspray. Finished is the wet hair look for the holidays.

You see, this holiday hairstyle is super easy and quickly implemented. In addition, it is also perfect for the days between hair washes. Greasy hair? No problem, because you won’t see them with the wet hair look.

Hair styling products as a perfect Christmas gift

These three hairstyles show how you can style short haircuts differently if you only have the right tools available. If you still need to include something here, you should quickly put it on your Christmas wish list so you can soon get creative with the hair styling. At deBijenkorf, you will find excellent hair styling products and many other gift ideas for Christmas, so be sure to check it out if you still need something for yourself or a loved one. We wish you a lot of fun while buying gifts and when the holidays are here, have fun with the three simple hairstyles for short hair.

Two more hair styling ideas for short haircuts

A year later, my hair is still short. It’s even shorter than last year. That means I am still more than happy with the short haircut. Or would I prefer to let it grow again? The answer is quickly found: definitely not.

I wrote down the advantages of short hair for you last year, and everything has stayed the same. I still love how easy they are to maintain and how versatile they can be styled in different ways. The three simple hairstyles for the holidays from last year are only some of the hairstyling options; there are still many more possibilities. That’s why today I have two more hair styling ideas for short haircuts that you can wear not only in everyday life but also perfectly for the upcoming holidays.

Beach Waves for short hair

Beach waves are not only for summer; they are definitely not something that can only be worn with long hair. Short haircuts are also perfect for these loose waves and always create a beautiful look, especially for the upcoming festivities. The beach waves can be worn either with open hair or in a half bun, with the front strands falling out. How exactly you integrate the loose waves into your look is up to you.

But how can you achieve these beach waves easily with short hair? There are several options. You can use either a flat iron or a curling iron. If the length of your hair allows it, you can also achieve the look without heat by using a bun or braided hairstyles, for example.

No matter which option you choose in the end, there are a few tricks to make the beach waves not only last longer but also look better. Some sea salt spray, for example, provides a better grip, while hairspray gives the look more hold in the end. In the end, you should tousle the hair a bit to make the beach waves look even more fantastic.

Hair clip as a hairstyle trend for the holidays

Everyone probably has at least one hair clip at home, also called a claw clip. They are super practical in everyday life, no matter the hair length. But have you ever thought about using the hair clip for your holiday hairstyles?

Whether with straight hair or maybe even beach waves, you can add that special something to any look with a hair clip. Depending on the hair length, you can gather the hair at the nape of the neck, twist it, and secure it with the clip. With this look, your neck would be completely free. This option takes more work and additional clips for even shorter hair. In this case, however, you don’t have to do without the hair clip. Gather a part of your top hair and secure it with the clip in the middle of the upper part of your back head – you probably know this style as a half-up or half-do look.

For both variations, you can also pull out a few strands in the front to make the look more casual. In the end, fix everything with some hairspray, and you are ready for the Christmas festivities. It would help if you chose a clip with festive details to make the hairstyle with a hair clip even more festive for the holidays. Hair clips in gold or silver, sequins or glitter, and glamorous embellishments are currently available in abundance, and they will definitely make a statement at the Christmas party or when celebrating the new year.