Sweet Pants

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

Once Karl Lagerfeld said if you wear sweatpants you lost control of your life, but how can we resist wearing those super comfy pants? Especially when they look as damn nice as the one from Sweet Pants I wore the other day. We have no choice but saying: Sorry Karl! 😉

Currently sweatpants are one of the most controversial garments. Must-wear or no-go? But this question became unnecessary,
since big brands (e.g. Fendi, Stella McCartney or Alexander Wang) designed sweat pants which are suitable for daily use.

I wanted to show you how you can wear sweatpants in your everyday life and created a simple look combining the Sweet Pants sweatpants in camouflage (loose fit) with my gray Zara sweater and Asos Sneaker Wedges. Some of you might say this look can only be worn for the gym, but I say you’re wrong, cause you can wear it in the streets all day long. 😉 What do you think about this look? 🙂

A few words about Sweet Pants

Sweet Pants is a french label dedicated to a single product, the jogging pants. They offer four fits (loose, slim, regular and straight) and 17 different colours – to each their own. Sweet Pants uses only materials of high quality by granting special special attention to detail. You can wear the unisex sweatpants in many ways, since they’re very versatile. No matter if you want to go to the gym or if you want to wear them in the streets! 🙂

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Zara Sweater // Sweet Pants Sweatpants // Asos Sneaker Wedges // DKNY Ceramic Watch