Today’s already our last day in Stockholm. We’re leaving in the early afternoon because our flight is around 7 pm. Right after our arrival we’ll drive to my sister because it’s her birthday today. In case, she is reading this: Happy Birthday little sis! <3 But today I don't want to talk about our last day. I haven't shared anything from our trip to Stockholm on the blog so far, so it's high time! Let's start with the first day and my first outfit:

Stockholm Outfit No.1

Damn it, it’s freezing in Stockholm – compared to Berlin right now. I expected it to be cold, but maybe I was still hoping it wouldn’t be that cold. x) Luckily I had two really warm jackets with me – since we’re here for Fashion Week, I couldn’t bring my Parajumpers. So one of the jackets I brought with me is this faux fur jacket you’ve seen a couple of times on the blog. It’s really warm, but I still had to add a few layers underneath: I was wearing a t-shirt as well as this grey sweater. I combined them with black jeans, my Alexander McQueen scarf and all white Adidas Superstars. It’s a pretty simple look, perfect for our first day in Stockholm where we didn’t attend any shows. We took this day off to enjoy the city and, of course, work a little bit. But read about our first day in detail in the following:

Stockholm Fashion Week Day #1

Monday was the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week. When we first planned the trip we were thinking about seeing some shows on Monday as well, but at the end we didn’t get the ones we wanted to see, so we decided to take the whole day off. No shows, no Fashion Week on Monday. What did we do instead? We started the day with a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we continued with a little bit of work and went to Östermalms Saluhall for lunch. We walked through the streets of Stockholm but didn’t do much more. We just enjoyed our day off. 🙂

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