I’ve been using Snapchat on a daily basis for a couple of weeks now, and I’m getting to know it better with every single day. I get used to taking short videos, get to know all the possibilities more and more and already discovered a couple of tricks. Today I want to share some of these Snapchat tricks with you. These tricks are everything but basic; they’re hidden tricks, and I’m telling you how to use them and what they’ll do. If you know any Snapchat tricks, please don’t hesitate to share them with you! I’m hungry for Snapchat knowledge 😉

How to access old, no longer available filters

Snapchat offers a lot of filters for your face, and they’re all so much fun. But unfortunately, they’re not available forever. Do you remember the filter that made you puke rainbows? Well, it’s not available anymore, but here’s how to get it back: change the date of your mobile phone. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and turn off “set automatically”. Now you can change the date and time manually. You just have to choose the date when the filter you want to use was available, close Snapchat and open it back up. Now you should be able to see all the filters that were available at that time.

How to add a colourful sheen to your snaps

Are you bored of the basic filters Snapchat has to offer? Then you’ll probably love this hidden Snapchat trick. You can use emojis to add a colourful sheen to your snaps. All you have to do is to choose an emoji (of course an emoji of the colour you want to add to your snap) and enlarge it until it covers the entire screen. You should use an emoji with a transparent edge because you’ll need this edge to make your snap look through. Otherwise, the emoji will cover your snap. You can also use several emojis for more interesting sheens. Have a try and find your favourite 😉

How to access Snapchat’s secret palette of colours

The visible palette of colours doesn’t offer a lot of colours, and it doesn’t show black and white. So how to use black, white and other colours? It’s not that difficult to use Snapchat’s “secret” palette of colours. You can find these hidden colours by dragging your finger left and right or up and down. Choose one colour and begin to drag it to the left very slowly. You’ll notice that the shade gets lighter the further left you to go until it’s white. You can also drag your finger straight down to get a darker version of the same colour. So left is lighter and down is darker. Pretty cool, isn’t it?