Here it is the last outfit post in 2015. Can’t believe this year is over. Time went by so freaking fast, and I really need to take a couple of hours to recap the past months, to realize all the things that happened this past year. And guess what? I’ll share my favourite moments of 2015 with you on Saturday. I’ll prepare a big post talking about everything that happened the past year and which moments were my favourites. But for now, there’s a new outfit post waiting for you:

Sweater with Metall Chain Detail

I love everything basic with a little detail such as this grey sweater with the metal chain detail on the arms. How amazing is it? The sweater is not only super soft but also has the perfect cut plus this little detail. I have to confess, I’m a little bit afraid of washing it because I don’t want the chains or the sweater to get broken. But I’ll probably wash it in an extra laundry bag to make sure neither this sweater or the other clothes get damaged. 😉 So much for that.

Layering Game

Those who’ve already seen and read yesterday’s post might wonder why I wasn’t wearing a jacket the day we were shooting this outfit. Yes, it was a little bit cold, but I wanted full focus on the sweater. That’s why I decided to layer instead wearing a jacket or coat. I was wearing a tank top as well as this long white shirt underneath the sweater to make sure I’m not freezing while we’re taking the pictures. What to do you think about this look? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

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