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I know, you’re still not tired of all the Sri Lanka posts, are you? 😉 I have a few more to share and already booked the next trip: Morocco. On the 16th of February, I’m flying to Morocco for a week, and I can’t wait. I’ll be at a surf camp in Agadir, so a week of surfing, sunbathing, yoga and many more activities is waiting for me. I will tell you everything about it another day, but today I want to share some more pictures taken in Sri Lanka with you. I might have said this before, but these are one of my favourite photos. I absolutely love the location and the dress. I could have worn it every single day in Sri Lanka, but since it’s white it gets dirty way too quickly, and I couldn’t wear it again after taking these pictures. Sitting in the sand with a white dress might not be the best idea. 😉

Ocean Breeze in Sri Lanka and a white dress

We spent the day we were taking these pictures by the beach near Bentota. It was the one next to Bentota beach, and since everyone seems to go to Bentota beach, this one was nearly empty! And you know, how much I love empty beaches. I love when you have it all for yourself, when you can lie down wherever you want to and when no kids are screaming and running around. Not that I hate children, but I just don’t like the noise they usually make 😉

Unfortunately, the current was quite strong. It was no problem to go into the water, but swimming wasn’t possible. That’s why we spent only a couple of hours at the beach before we went back to the hotel to relax by the pool and go for a swim there. Between the beach and our hotel, there were these palm trees (at least I think they’re some kind of palm trees) everywhere. I love that you can see the roots and that they intertwine. There was also a swing, but this time I didn’t take a picture even though I had to swing 😉 But I took pictures on a swing before, and at this location, I just wanted to focus on the trees.

I was wearing the perfect white dress, one I’m absolutely in love with. I usually don’t like low cuts in the front, but it works very well for this dress. I also like the details a lot, the ones at the bottom border line for example. What do you think about this dress?

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