Most people hate Mondays and have problems being motivated and productive. That’s because the weekends usually leave us feeling relaxed, and it’s hard to get back to work and sometimes stress after a relaxing weekend. The struggle is real, but there’s a solution for every problem! I want to help you to get motivated this Monday by sharing six quotes that will inspire and motivate you to keep up. I won’t talk much more today. Just take a couple of minutes to read the following quotes and hopefully they’ll help you to start your Monday motivated and inspired:

“Someone is inevitably going to dislike you. As long as that person isn’t yourself, you are good.” – Michelle Elman

“You can’t get a body you love by doing things that you hate.” – Sarah Hays Coomer

“The secret to success is to find something everyone does one way and do it in a different way.” – Ferdinand Goetzen

“A failure is only a failure if you let it stop you.” – Henry Crespo

“Why make money for someone else, when you can make money for yourself? my dad always told me.” – Eric Brantner

“Always be at war with what’s impossible.” – Alejandro Aguilar

What do you think about the above quotes? I hope they can inspire you and help you to start your Monday motivated. Leave me a comment and let me know what usually motivates you on a Monday and if you have a favourite quote! 🙂 xx