About a week ago I spent two days in beautiful London with Timex to celebrate the launch of the new Fairfield Weekender Collection. For those who don’t know: Timex is an American watch brand with a long history. The brand was founded in 1854 and since then they’ve been creating not only stylish but also high-quality and innovative watches. The Fairfield Weekender Collection is the newest watch collection featuring a couple of watches that are fun, cool and very trendy. They’re the perfect watches for your everyday life, topping off every of your outfit and giving you a chance to be in time at the same time 😉

During these two days in London, we had the opportunity to experience the city through the lens of Timex. Alice and I had the same flight from Berlin, and we arrived at the Mondrian Oriental in London around midday on Thursday. After a quick refreshment at our hotel room, we had lunch in the fabulous rooftop restaurant of the hotel. Giorgio Galli, Design Director from Timex, gave us a brief presentation about the brand and the new collection before our next activity: a private Borough Market food tour. Damn it; the food was fantastic, and I tried oysters for the first time. And they weren’t bad at all – most people I know don’t like oysters and always recommend not to eat them 😉 Have you ever tried oysters?

Sounds like a great day, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t over yet! Back at the hotel, we had some time to rest and change for the Timex party at Shoreditch House. It was all about watches and more food! 😉 They had a popcorn machine and photo booth – do I have to say more?! The first day in London was fantastic but very exhausting. That’s why I decided to enjoy a massage at the Mondrian Oriental the day after. I spent a couple of hours at their spa and enjoyed the calm and relaxing atmosphere before we had to leave to fly back to Berlin. I had a lot of fun, and it was great to meet so many new people! But better have a look at the pictures to see what I’m talking about! xx

Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Mondrian_General_2016_0002 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Mondrian_General_2016_0015 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Mondrian_General_2016_0016 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Watches_General_2016_0002 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0006 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0003 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0017 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0012 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Mondrian_General_2016_0008 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0009 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0008 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0007 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0026 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Mondrian_General_2016_0018 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0001 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Borough_Market_General_2016_0030 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Borough_Market_General_2016_0024 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Borough_Market_General_2016_0009 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Borough_Market_General_2016_0007 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0022 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Timex_Borough_Market_General_2016_0022 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0025 Ella_Sadika_Audrey_Karls_Jacqueline_Zelwis_2016_0023

Photos: Ella Sadika