Good morning and happy new week folks! It’s finally time for another Business Monday. Are you excited? Today’s business post will be all about ways to improve your blog content. Spring is just around the corner – well, at least, it’s getting warmer – and we should take advantage of the turn of the season to change a few things on the blog, to improve it. In the following I’m sharing five different ways you should try now to improve your blog content:

1. Start listening to your readers and answer their comments.

If you’re not doing it already, you should start asking questions in your posts. Give your readers a reason to leave a comment and listen to what they’re saying. When someone leaves a comment, answer it. No matter if it’s a response to a question or if you’re just saying thank you.

2. Improve your headlines

The headlines of your posts are what should catch the interest of your readers. If your headlines are boring or expressionless, you’re readers might see no reason to read the post. Try to improve them at least for a couple of posts. Think about what would catch your attention and what kind of headlines you like most.

3. Link to older posts of your blog

Linking to older posts of your blog doesn’t only give them new traffic but also might keep your readers on your blog for a longer time. It also gives your readers the chance to read more about a particular topic you might already have written about some time ago.

4. Give something back to your readers

Saying thank you is one way to tell your readers you appreciate them. But what about a giveaway? Give your readers the chance to win an amazing price in exchange for a comment or follow etc.. It’s a great way to improve your blog visits as well as saying thank you and giving something back.

5. Tell more stories

What do your blog posts look like? Do you mostly share pictures or do you also write something about it? If not, you should start doing it. Tell more stories, make your blog content more interesting. Give your readers a reason to stay on your blog a bit longer. Share your opinions, share the story behind the picture, etc.

How to improve your blog content