Minx by Eva Lutz

You’ve already seen the pictures of three MBFWB shows and three are still waiting to get shown. 😉 I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so here are the pics of show number four of the second fashion week day, the Minx show for the autumn/ winter collection 2014/15. The designer Eva Lutz showed in 45 outfits her new collection composed of wearable casual looks. The outfits were dominated by fabric contrasts, colour contrasts and shape contrasts. I just want to give you an example: she combined a silk shirt with a conical jogging pant and another model wore a neoprene jacket in combination with a elegant pencil skirt. Even colour-blocking was an element of the Minx show. Eva Lutz chose dark colours just as red and brown tones or black as well as some metallic colours. Against the other garments the evening dresses are black and white.

My highlight of the show? Seeing Bruce Darnell walking the runway in an elegant smoking!

Minx Show Minx Fashion Show fabric Mix MBFWB January 2014 Minx autumn/Winter 2014/15 Fashion Week Berlin contrasty Minx collection mbfwb_day_2_minx-9 mbfwb_day_2_minx-10 mbfwb_day_2_minx-11 Bruce Darnell at the Minx Show mbfwb_day_2_minx-13 Minx evening dresses mbfwb_day_2_minx-15 mbfwb_day_2_minx-16 Minx Show Final Final with the designer