Anja Gockel Fashionshow

Pooh, where shall I start? Yesterday was the busiest fashion week day for me! I’ve been at a total of six shows, you can call it the show marathon 😉 I had planned to show you all the pics of the fashionshows in one post, but then I decided that each show deserves its own post, cause all of them where a highlight own its own. Oh and the tons of pics I took in only one post? This post would have turned out waaaaaaay to long 😉

Let’s start with show no.1, with the Anja Gockel autumn/ winter 2014/15 show. This collection is inspired by a nun and the garments are dominated by warm colours as pink and orange and beautiful floral prints – pretty unusual for a winter collection, but I really like it! Not only the prints and colours are great, I like the fabrics – leather, fur and silk – as well! I def would wear it! :)) And the bridal dress … do I have to say more? Floor-length, white and with a cross on the front – perfection!

P.S.: I made a video as well, but I have to upload it later this week. I’ll inform as soon as I uploaded it on vimeo 🙂

inspired by a nun floral-Prints Anja Gockel floral Print dress floral pants combined with a black Blazer Anja Gockel collection pink and orange silk dress Anja Gockel mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-9 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-10 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-11 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-12 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-13 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-14 mbfwb_day_2_anja_gockel-15 bridal dress of the Anja Gockel Show Final of the Anja Gockel Show