During the Fashion Week in Berlin I had the chance to try the new Levi’s 501 CT. And how could I say no, when they ask me to try the new styles in a private atmosphere with other bloggers, drinks and food in the cellar of the Levi’s Store? 😉

Levi’s 501 CT

The Levi’s 501 CT is the redesigned version of the classic 501 jeans. CT stands for customized and tapered. But why did Levi’s decide to create a new 501 model? The Levi’s 501 has always been customized, from patches to rips to cuts. Now you don’t have to do this by yourself, because the new modell considers some of the customisations owners of the Levi’s 501 did in the course of years. The new denim line featured three different washes and you can buy them in three different ways:

1. one size bigger
2. true to size
3. one size smaller

How would you wear the new Levi’s 501 CT?

Levi’s 501 CT Outfit

My Levi’s 501 CT is something between true to size and one size bigger, so it fits like a boyfriend jeans. For the first Levi’s 501 CT Outfit I created a very simple and casual look: grey sweater, black booties and black coat – perfect to wear at the office 🙂

What I really like about these jeans is that they are super comfortable and the fit. It fits like a boyfriend jeans, but it’s more advantageous than others – you know what I mean… 😉

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