I’m back in Berlin, but before I’m sharing everything about our Paris trip, it’s time for another business post! This week it’s all about useful tricks for iPhone and iPad, and I’m sure you don’t know most of them! Heads up iPhone and iPod users! I searched the web for tips and tricks and in addition to all the ones we already know very well I found some pretty cool tricks I didn’t know before, and I’m sure you’ll learn something new today as well 😉 Of course, if you know some handy tricks yourself, please don’t hesitate to share them with me!

How to use Google Maps as a Free GPS

Let’s start with the best trick I just discovered: using Google Maps as a free GPS. You’re travelling abroad and don’t want to buy an international data plan or use a city map? Here’s how to use Google Maps as a free GPS:
When you’re connected to the internet, you simply have to zoom to the area you want to use when you’re offline. Type “ok maps” into the search box and Google Maps will ask you if you want to download the map. When you download it, you’ll be able to use when you don’t have data connectivity. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

How to close more than one App at once

Probably all of you know how to get to the multitasking bar (for those who don’t: double click) in an iPhone or iPad. Here you can switch from one App to the other, or you can close them. But did you know that you can close more than one app at once? Well, it’s easy as 1,2,3. All you have to do is using three fingers instead of only one 😉

How to see recently closed tabs in Safari

Don’t we all know the problem when we closed a tab in Safari by accident? Until now I didn’t know how to see those recently closed tabs, I just thought it’s not possible and that I have to start all over again. Well, it is possible to see them and here’s how: Press and hold the “+”-button for new tabs in Safari and you’ll get a list of recently closed tabs.

Did you know that you can charge twice faster in Airplane Mode?

iPhones and iPads are usually running out of battery when we don’t have enough time to recharge it. A few minutes might get you 5 to 10 percent; it’s better than nothing but still not enough. So here’s help: did you know that you can charge twice faster when your iPhone or iPad is in Airplane mode? Well, you won’t be available during that time, but you either won’t be when your phone is dead. 😉