A coat in “Christmas tree green”? Yes, please! The outfit I want to share with you today isn’t very festive and probably not the best choice for Christmas Eve. The only Christmassy thing of this outfit is the green coat I got a couple of days ago! It was love at first sight: the colour, the oversize cut and the fact that it keeps me warm when it’s cold outside. Could I ask for more? 🙂

How to wear a green coat

When I first saw this beautiful green coat, I already had a couple of different outfits in mind. Some of you might think it’s a little bit difficult to combine a green coat, but believe me, it actually is not. 🙂 It’s the same as it is with every other colour. The best option is to keep it simple. Combine your green coat with an all black, all white or all grey outfit. That’s exactly what I did the other day. I chose black jeans, a black shirt and some dark green/black boots to combine it with my new coat. To finalise and top the look off I added some silver jewels and that’s it. It’s a very easy combination. One you can’t go wrong with 🙂

Of course, you can combine a green coat with blue jeans as well, but choose the other garments wisely. I would suggest to add black, grey or white when wearing blue jeans in combination with a green coat. How would you combine and wear a green coat? Do you have one yourself? xx

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