Only two more days until it’s Christmas! And well, I still need to buy some Christmas presents. I told you; I’ll probably buy them on the 24th of December, and I guess it’s actually going to result in last minute shopping. What about you? Do you already have all the Christmas presents for your beloved ones?

The perfect long Camel Coat

Enough Christmas talk, let’s talk about this outfit instead. The past days has been very warm, too warm for December, but I really don’t mind. I love this warm weather because it’s not only easier to shoot new outfits but also to get out of bed and motivate yourself. 😉 And I don’t need a white Christmas, I think being with your beloved ones is all that matters on Christmas day. 🙂

So thanks to the warm weather I don’t have to wear my coat with down feathers all the time – even when I really love it. I can wear all the pretty coats and jackets I have in my closet instead, and the Camel Coat is one of them. I told you several times how much I like this coat, and I’m still very happy with it. 🙂 The first time I was wearing I combined it in a very Christmassy outfit and today’s one is more casual and simple. I wanted to create a pretty nice everyday look, so I combined my camel coat with black jeans, a black shirt (how amazing is the detail on the back?) and my booties with snake effect. The cherry on top are the golden jewels I got from Pilgrim plus the fresh flowers I got myself the morning we were shooting these pictures.

I hope you’ll have an amazing day! Leave me a comment and let me know whether you like this look or not. xx

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