Those who follow me on instagram might already know that I attented the Gina Tricot Blogger Event a couple of days/ almost weeks ago. The occasion for this event was the Gina Tricot store opening in the Mall of Berlin – a new shopping mall in Berlin. We started our day in the new store, exploring it and of course trying clothes and choosing an outfit, which we shot later that day.

Gina Tricot Outfit

I chose an outfit I would wear during my everyday life: the super comfy Nora teddy jacket, the embroidered Vilda shirt and simple black jeans – all from Gina Tricot. Guys, can you imagine how fluffy this jacket is? Perfect for cold autumn and winterdays, simply love it! 🙂

Outfit? Done! Make Up? Done, thanks to JACKS beauty department! Time to shoot the look with Sylvia Haghjoo. Thank you for the great pictures! 🙂

Gina Tricot Shooting Fashionblog Berlin Fashionblogger Jacky from Teddy bear jacket embroidered jacket Gina Tricot Outfit Gina Tricot Jeans