NYE is just around the corner, so it’s time to share some more festive outfits with you, isn’t it? 🙂 You’ve already seen two possible looks you could wear on NYE on the blog and I’m sharing two more with you before Wednesday.

Festive Outfit: Embellished Neck Velvet Dress

When we think about festive outfits a dress is the first garment which comes into our mind, isn’t it? But we don’t think about just any dress, we think about glamorous dresses, about this one special dress making everyone else saying “wow”. 😉

So what do you think about this Embellished Neck Velvet Dress from Warehouse? Isn’t is the perfect dress for NYE? I just like everything about this dress: the fabric, the cut and of course the embellished neck. This dress is all you need for a glamorous appearance. Well, maybe you should add a coat or jacket, if you don’t want to freeze your ass off 😉

NYE Outfit

You’re going out on New Year’s Eve? Then this outfit could be the right choice. It doesn’t need many details, it’s simple yet chic and of course it’s glamorous. The black velvet dress is the key garment of this look and is topped of with this beautiful faux fur coat and my first pair of overknees. 🙂

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