Self-employment for McCartney

Stella McCartney is known for her clarity of design and her extraordinary dedication to human and animal well-being. Since 2001, the talented McCartney designs under her name. What some readers may not know: McCartney had only a 50 percent stake in her brand. The remaining share owned Kering, a French luxury group from France. This has changed now. McCartney is now the sole owner of her brand and this should remain so in the future.
Since 2001, McCartney is also a board member of the Kering Foundation. The foundation is committed to end the violence against women. McCartney wants to stay active in this area.

McCartney’s collections consist of ready-to-wear collections, consisting of women’s and men’s fashion, handbags, shoes and children’s clothing. In addition, accessories such as eyewear, underwear, swimwear and perfume are also developed under licence. In addition to its own line, the team around McCartney also designed for Adidas. Currently, the collections are distributed at least to 100 countries and offered for sale in 51 independent stores.

Stella McCartney

Sustainability and Fast Fashion?

h & m releases a new sustainable collection. The conscious 2018 is intended to combine feminine fashion with sustainable innovations. For the first time, h & m uses recycled silver and econyl (100% resigned nylon fiber from fishing nets and nylon waste). On April 19, the collection will be available in retail and online.
The pieces are to contain elaborately crafted women’s fashion, underwear, shoes and accessories. Floral jacquards, embroidery and prints are all about the designs.
The collection itself is a beautiful and harmonious line that is designed for the masses and has probably the right garment for every taste. The idea that a fashion giant develops in the sustainable direction is great, I think.

Kanye West

Kanye West is facing a challenge

West has probably allowed a mistake that makes the rumor mill bubbling. It is actually clear that you have to take care of the legal aspects of your company in good time. It is said that West did not register a patent for the clothing of the brand Yeezy. Instead, this has probably been done by a Chinese company called Fujian Baby Network Technology Co. For West, this means that he only owns the rights to the shoe brand Yeezy and is only allowed to sell them. The future of apparel brand Yeezy is unknown. Whether these rumors are true and how West will pull out of this affair, we will see soon.

The Weeknd in Orange & Black

Canadian singer The Weeknd introduces its new Merch collection. The 13-part collection convinces with modern cuts and a very different colour scheme in black and orange. 2018 Release 001, that’s the name of the collection, contains concise statements and striking messages. In addition, the singer’s fused face and his famous XO logo can be found again.
The photo gallery to the collection has become really nice. There, too, the two primary colors of the collection are used.
In addition to the new collection, there is another news for the fans of the singer. Tonight the new album titled My Dear Melancholy was released. On Spotify we have the opportunity to listen in. Who still has not had enough: Abel Tesfaye will be present in Berlin at the Lollapalooza.


Information of the day:
Today is Good Friday. For Christians, this day is one of the highest holidays of the year. On this day the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is remembered. According to Christian belief, Jesus died as a servant of God and took upon himself the sin of all people.
Besides, this Friday is a public holiday in Germany. We enjoy the slowly rising sun in Berlin and wish you a nice, extended weekend.