We’re thinking about hair care all the year round, we want our hair to look healthy, we want it to BE healthy. But as soon as it gets colder, and we’re wearing beanies and scarfs, we become some problems regarding the hair. It looks everything but healthy during this season. The solution: a good care system. That’s why I tested the Wella Professionals ELEMENTS during the past days.

Hair Strengthening Serum from Wella Professionals ELEMENTS

The Wella Professionals ELEMENTS care system contains a renewing shampoo, a lightweight renewing conditioner, a renewing mask, a conditioning leave-in spray as well as a hair strengthening serum. Today I want to focus on the Wella Professionals ELEMENTS serum. What I like best about it is, that it is easy to use. All you have to to is distributing the serum evenly on the scalp and hair roots, massage it in circular movements with your fingertips afterwards and continue with your styling as usual. You do not have to rinse it off, for me the most outstanding feature! 😉 I prefer beauty and hair care products that are easy to use.

But what effect does the serum have? The paraben-free power serum strengthens your hair, it creates volume and helps to maintain a balanced scalp. It protects and cares your hair, gives it a healthier and better look and will make you feel better. 🙂 Check it out and treat yourself as well as your hair, it’ll appreciate it!

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