Happy Wednesday! Today I want to share an outfit with you we shot almost two weeks ago. Or was it more than two weeks? I can’t remember. But this is for sure: it’s high time to finally share it with you. The reason why I haven’t shared it earlier is that I had so many other outfits and topics to share first. Summer is coming closer and the past days has been very warm, that’s why I wanted to share a couple of summer outfits as well as a bikini guide with you instead of this more spring-like outfit. 🙂 But the weather changed, and it’s not that warm anymore, so this might be the perfect outfit for these colder days:

Denim Keds

Those who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram already know about my new shoes: Denim Keds! I mean, how cool are those denim Keds? I bought my first pair of Keds more than five years ago, they were red, and I wore them until they fell apart x) I liked them a lot, but I haven’t owned another pair since then. I actually don’t know why.. But it’s the same with my white Converse. I had to leave them in Australia because they were “dead” after a couple of long walks through rainforests. And I’ve wanted to buy new ones for a year now, and I haven’t done it yet! To make a long story short: sometimes we delay buying things we want until we forget about it. You can imagine how happy I was when I received the package with my new pair of Keds, my new pair of DENIM Keds.

Denim Obsession

The question is: how to combine denim Keds? The two ideas that came to my mind where an all white outfit or a denim outfit. It’s obvious that I went with the denim outfit the first day I was wearing my new shoes. I was wearing a Pepe Jeans denim jacket as well as Warehouse jeans and added a striped VILA Shirt as a contrast. Stripes and Denim are one of my favourite combinations; it’s very casual and so simple. And you know how much I like casual and simple. 😉

Let me know what you think about this outfit and enjoy your Wednesday. xx

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